Asian American Pacific Islander Recipes

About This Project

This Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we’re collecting family recipes to share with our Palo Alto Community! Food brings us all together for daily meals and special events, so submit your favorite AAPI recipe to be featured on our website this May!


Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions must be your own original recipe or that of a friend or family member who has given their permission.
  • Do not submit a copy of a recipe from a published book or someone's website without their permission because the illustrations, instructions, and descriptions are protected.
  • A scan of your grandmother's handwritten recipe is fine.

What kinds of recipes can I submit?

Any AAPI recipe for a meal, drink or dessert! Submit as many as you’d like!

How do I digitize my content?

The most common way will be to type the recipe in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and save it as a PDF file. You may also wish to upload photos of your process and the resulting dish.

File Types Accepted